Friday, September 29, 2006

Cruising is for old people

So I recently came back from L.A . My co-workers and I (Kei, Andie and Ash) had been planning this trip since about April I think. Joico was running an educational cruise down to L.A from Vancouver, fun right. My clients have been asking all week and I'm tired of complaining so here is the short version of why it was extremely sucky. Extreme boredom, rampant sea sickness, one very small pool 1, 500 people , a very large geriatric majority and very bad food.

Originally that cruise was the extent of our vacation , if not for the following three days in L.A we all would killed ourselves. We stayed in West Hollywood for three days right on Sunset Bvld. We were at a smaller hotel , very cute called the Grafton on Sunset. I would recommend it to anyone, we had a pool side room with a little table and chairs.

Hollywood is not the Glam I was expecting , dirty but very fun. We couldn't get into to any clubs the lines were ridiculous. There were Papparazzi on the sidewalks waiting for Celebs to go in and out of clubs. We did a lot of driving aimlessly at night trying to find somewhere to go.

We drank for 7 days straight I'm not ready to be back to work but thankfully it's almost the weekend again. I need a vacation from my vacation. I got a best bets email this morning $479 Varadero Cuba 4* all inclusive seemed great until I checked the weather in Cuba.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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You can get someone's goat.
We can be as slippery as a snake.
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People try to buffalo others.
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P.P.S. Here's some blogs that I found
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Is Jesus God?
Religion Comparison
Watch The Jesus Movie
Muhammad or Jesus???
Answering Islam
A Short Look At Six World Religions
God's Word in different languages...
How to become a Christian
Who Is Jesus?
Around the Well
Every Student
'Thought & Humor'

Tell me sometime what your thoughts are on the above:O)

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