Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dad is a TV god

My dad and is wife were down from 100 mile this past weekend so we had early Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie was apparently quite delicious so I'm a proud pie maker now.

My Dad is a master fixer of all things broken , so I asked him if he would take a look at the TV while he was down. This TV was about a year and a half old when it spontaneously stopped turning on. It was a nice big flat screen 32" heavy MoFO , so months go by not wanting to chuck it not really wanting to spend hundreds fixing it. It sat in the hallway in the bedroom I repeatedly had bruised legs from walking into it. So the master fixer of all things broken opened it up and checked it and 5 min later handed me a blown fuse. So $3.99 later TV fixed yay.

So the old problem returns (this is much less annoying problem) the nice big TV is too big to fit into the old entertainment unit. So I spent the day at IKEA , I've noticed at IKEA that things are either a very very good price or way to expensive for particle board. I didn't find a unit that I liked so I got a TV bench and a book shelf and put the shelf on the bench. The TV just barely fits it's snug for sure.


Blogger Spinny Bunt said...

The tv stand looks great. Yay that it was only a fuse.

10:23 AM

Blogger Happy Mommy said...

Hey well I bet ur glad to have the T.V. back in the bedroom. No more vids.LOL Glad it was a cheep fix.

Thanx for the invite (very funky) but i dont think whe'll be able to make it... will call soon!

11:20 AM


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