Thursday, July 26, 2007

lets go back a few months

At the end of may Jascha and I went to Puerto Vallarta with our friends Jon and Tara. We stayed at Velas Vallarta up by the marina, the resort was amazing beautiful pools and super nice staff. It was so expensive but worth it.

We spent a lot of time in the pools, the beach was clean but it was not nice clear water to swim in. We went to Walmart and bought some handy pool floaties this is Tara and I on Pinkus O'Shamus and the Water Sausage. No these were not named during one of our more sober moments.

We did two day trips one involving snorkeling, lunch, waterfall and a nice beach. How it went down was a little different no snorkeling stop due to hundreds of jellies in the water, very questionable chicken fajitas made on an island with no refrigeration. To finish it off a horse ride on anorexic Mexican horses to a teeny waterfall running into sludgy brownish water.

Notice the life ring floating on the right.

This beach right here made the whole day worth it , crystal clear water.

The second day trip was zip trekking in the rain forest. I was terrified at first, but it was so amazing.

I cant forget about the little monkeys.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly witnessing baby sea turtles hatching on the beach in front of our hotel. I think they were Logger heads but I'm not certain. Once they started hatching we stayed on the beach until every last one of them made it to the ocean.

Some parting shots.


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