Friday, October 27, 2006

Boob cake

I make cakes , I took a class so I could learn the tricks. The girls at work birthdays are just a few days apart so they requested a joint cake. Easy for me one less cake to make. Ashley wanted a boob cake so I found little boob shaped molds and made my very first boob cake. I exceeded my own expectations.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dad is a TV god

My dad and is wife were down from 100 mile this past weekend so we had early Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie was apparently quite delicious so I'm a proud pie maker now.

My Dad is a master fixer of all things broken , so I asked him if he would take a look at the TV while he was down. This TV was about a year and a half old when it spontaneously stopped turning on. It was a nice big flat screen 32" heavy MoFO , so months go by not wanting to chuck it not really wanting to spend hundreds fixing it. It sat in the hallway in the bedroom I repeatedly had bruised legs from walking into it. So the master fixer of all things broken opened it up and checked it and 5 min later handed me a blown fuse. So $3.99 later TV fixed yay.

So the old problem returns (this is much less annoying problem) the nice big TV is too big to fit into the old entertainment unit. So I spent the day at IKEA , I've noticed at IKEA that things are either a very very good price or way to expensive for particle board. I didn't find a unit that I liked so I got a TV bench and a book shelf and put the shelf on the bench. The TV just barely fits it's snug for sure.